Piano Evaluation

A full and thorough evaluation is essential before recommending restoration or refurbishment.

It is also necessary to give an accurate valuation. We will check everything on the following list.

  • Condition of soundboard, bridges and strings
  • Dampers and associated parts including:
    • damper socket rail
    • damper tray
    • lever bodies including condition of leads
  • Action including:
    • hammers
    • hammer felts
    • shanks
    • centre pin and centre pin friction
    • wippens and levers
    • jack centre pins
    • felts and leathers
  • Keyboard including:
    • key bushings front and middle
    • ivories
    • check felts and leathers
    • key wood
    • keyframe materials
  • Case including:
    • legs
    • veneer
    • lyre and pedals
    • structural damage

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